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Please feel free to tell us your preferences including processing, delivering, labeling and pacakaging.


You could reach out with the form, or at the following email address: order@bedrock.farm


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Chopped, mixed, shredded, teared? No problem we’ll prepare the produce as you want!


6 AM or 10 AM? Two times a day? Every odd days? Every second week? Sure! We’ll handle it for you.


You have your own storage marking system, using a unique schema? No worries, we’ll adapt to it.


0.1 kg or 15 kg? Paper or degradable plastic? Chilled or respiratory material? As you please!

Service area

Area I.

The inner area of  Petőfi Bridge – Ferenc avenue – József avenue – Erzsébet avenue – Teréz avenue – Szent István avenue – Carl Lutz wharf – Id. Antall József wharf – Pest lower wharf – Közraktár street.

Price of delivery is included.

Area II.

The inner area of Rákóczi Bridge – Könyves Kálmán avenue – Hungária avenue – Kerepesi street – Dózsa György street – Dráva street – Pusztaszeri street – Törökvész street – Bimbó street – Aranka street – Marczibányi square – Garas street – Fillér street – Széll Kálmán square – Krisztina avenue – Alkotás street – BAH junction – Budaörsi street – Ajnácskő street – Hamzsabégi street – Sárbogárdi street – Szerémi street.

Price of delivery is subject of consultation.