nourishing communities through local restaurants

predictable, transparent, local food year-round

We stand for a world where

chefs and farmers work together to satisfy their guests,
where the production of food is democratized.

We create new fields in Agriculture

to try, fail, improve and share ways for a food-chain which is based on trust.

To start the paradigm shift

We produce high quality kitchen commodities predictably, transparently and locally.

We provide

and honor

Nourishing, fresh produce

We’re focusing on the highest quality, where flavor, apperance, fragrance and freshness matters.

Steady quality & price

It doesn’t matter if there’s a storm nor a drought, we produce the same high quality year-round. Thereby there is no fluctuation in price.

Direct, local production

No more trouble with ignorant traders, mute producers. We’re only 20 minutes away by walk to bring the freshest produce straight to your doors.


We’re strongly belive in fertile collaborations!
Led by our values we play the infinite game transparently, sustainably and predictably.


Aging farmers

Average age in agriculture is 57. This industry needs more fresh, creative, innovative ideas with excellent execution. We want to show a way to the new farming generation.

Population growth

According to United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization we need to grow 70% more food by 2050 to feed the increasing population. We want to empower AgTech ideas to meet this goal.

Changing needs

Our food consumption habits correlate with our freely disposable income. As the number middle-class household rises so does the need for higher quality produces. We want to accelerate the reaction speed of agriculture.

Ecological footprint

70% of water waste and 13% of greenhouse gas emmission comes directly from agriculture. We want to study, develop and share sustainable and market viable solutions.

Quality scaling

The mindset of today’s farmer is focusing on quantity. Scaling to bring costs down to gain some competitive advantage. We want to change this paradigm and show others how to they keep their quality as they scale.

Climate change

Unpredictable weather changes, soil erosion and the growing number of climate change related disasters greatly inscrease the risk in food production. We want to test indoor operations to eliminate the system’s uncertainty.

Your farmers


Urban Farmer, Founder


Urban Farmer, co-Founder

Growth environment

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